The following are some miscellaneous links that may be interesting,

Professional Miscellaneous Links

  • CVMy Curriculum vitae (CV) or resume for those interested
  • LinkedInMy LinkedIn page for those interested in social media
  • FacebookMy Facebook page for those interested in more social media
  • AdmissionsA page displaying a list of admission letters I have received
  • ConferencesA page displaying the list of conferences I have attended
  • PressA page displaying some instances I am present in media

Personal Miscellaneous Links

  • J.M.Wong Poetry – A collection of the poetry that I work on occasionally when I am inspired or bored…
  • J.M.Wong JournalA daily journal regarding my adventures, thoughts, feelings, diets, etc etc…

More Personal Miscellaneous Links

  • Enjoyable MoviesA list of some random movies I watched recently in reverse chronological order
  • Enjoyable MusicA list of some random songs that I enjoy listening to in alphabetical order

Other Miscellaneous Links
Sorry, there are yet to be other miscellaneous links of interest!