I am an author, playwright, and poet. Currently, I have written 100+ poems and am working on several plays and books, which will be complete eventually. Below are some featured pieces along with links for interested readers:


Plays: I am currently working on an epic Shakespearean play entitled “Josephine, A Tragedy of the Kingdom’s Fellows.” It is expected to be finished sometime between 2015–2016 and will be published through Amazon. Kindle version will also be available.

Books: Also currently working on several books, although ETA is yet to be established for many of these books.

Poetry: Poems mainly revolving around nostalgia, the passing of time and death, tragedy and cycles, false love and women, paradoxes, shadows and clouds, heavens and midnight skies, flowers – mainly roses, engulfing flames and undying wills, and the belief and non-belief of God. [List of all poems]

Featured Poem: Centennial Sightings (2016-05-21)

Shall whom with graceful charm grants but ungraceful time,
Had Salem conjured what tranquil beauty in but mortal gal, 
And to such enchantings had deemed neither deed nor crime, 
Yearning to which droughty lands shall inevitable rain fall.   
Lasts then, man in fruitful awe by the touch of grace,
Young’d to the centennial, yet angelic sightings ‘pon ’tis place. 
Now undeniably leaves us all to miss her dear, beautiful eyes…

Blog: I also write short posts for a blog that addresses many ideas derived from my poetry. These short verses are inherently integrated into a number of my plays and books, thus are integral themes that live through the tales I compose. [Simpler Words]

Featured Post: Machinery (2015-02-17)

The heart is a mysterious, yet devious, device which even to ourselves,
the living being for which it beats for, knows not of its true intent, for it is a
machinery with a mind of its own, falsifying affections and desires until what
once was is no longer, leaving only invisible arrows to blame…